Dina Q Abdeljawad

Dina Q. Abdeljawad

  • Senior, Neuroscience and Psychology double major with a pre-physician assistant track

I am so honored to be a part of Phi Beta Kappa. I am graduating this year as an honor student with two Bachelor of Science degrees in Neurosciences and Psychology. I am planning to apply to graduate programs for Masters in Physician Assistant (PA) Studies and have been consistently working hard to complete all my requirements and go above and beyond to be the best applicant. I was able to get a job as a medical scribe from the on-campus job fairs and was able to get my foot into the medical field. I'm grateful for the amazing learning experiences and all the people I have met in these past years. My proudest moment was re-initiating the Pre-Physician Assistant Association with one of my friends here on campus. I'm confident the organization is left in wonderful hands to keep it going and help pre-PA students on campus to learn about the profession, share job opportunities, give advice about classes, and connect them to current Physician Assistants to shadow. My plan after graduation is to work with MCW in a large NIH-funded study on mental health outcomes following traumatic injury among Black adults.

It is a privilege to be honored as a Phi Beta Kappa member and I infinitely grateful for the opportunity