This project, sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), led by UWM, aims to enhance transportation for Wisconsin’s 31% of non-drivers, including elderly, students, and low-income groups.The research aims to understand transportation behaviors, challenges, and opportunities among Wisconsin’s non-driving population. In response, a statewide survey will be conducted to analyze non-driver transportation behaviors and identify opportunities for enhancing the multimodal transportation system. This proactive initiative underscores WisDOT’s commitment to inclusivity and community engagement for non-drivers across Wisconsin. Based on the survey results, implementation plan will be developed to address¬†geographic disparities, enhancing public transit and last-mile connectivity in rural and urban areas to improve accessibility for people with disabilities and promote transportation equity.

Project Details

Project ID


Start Date
February 2, 2024

End Date
February 1, 2025

Focus Areas
Data Analytics, Modeling and Simulation
Economy and Policy
Urban Mobility

Wi Department of Transportation

Research Centers
Institute for Physical Infrastructure and Transportation (IPIT)

Principal Investigator

Qin, Xiao
Professor of Civil Engineering and Director, UW-Milwaukee IPIT

Co-Principal Investigator

Schneider,Robert J; Li, Yang
Associate Professor, Department of Urban Planning University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Research Associate, Institute for Physical Infrastructure and Transportation (IPIT)