This study aims to enhance the safety and efficiency of connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) through the development of a real-time trajectory planning framework that accounts for the unpredictable movements of vulnerable road users (VRUs). This project employs game theory and heuristic algorithms to model and solve the decision-making processes of CAVs and VRUs, considering VRUs’ motion uncertainty. The objectives of this research are to: (1) develop a sophisticated trajectory planning framework for multiple CAVs, ensuring VRU safety; (2) incorporate game theory to model the interactions between CAVs and VRUs; (3) validate the framework through simulations, demonstrating its effectiveness in real-world scenarios; and (4) disseminate the results through a technical paper and simulation videos.

Project Details

Project ID


Start Date
July 1, 2024

End Date
June 30, 2024

Focus Areas
Data Analytics, Modeling and Simulation

US Dept Of Transportation

Research Centers
Institute for Physical Infrastructure and Transportation (IPIT); Center for Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety (CPBS)

Principal Investigator

Shi, Xiaowei(Tom)
Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Founder and Director, Automated, Connected & Electric Mobility Systems Lab

Co-Principal Investigator

Qin, Xiao
Director, Institute for Physical Infrastructure and Transportation (IPIT)
Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee