The “AccSafety” project is designed to enhance the accessibility, usability, and integration of transportation-related research outcomes into the decision-making processes of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT). Addressing the challenges of complex implementation processes and lack of standardization, this project will develop a cloud-based, user-friendly web tool tailored for DOT projects. This tool aims to simplify the use of intricate research algorithms and data sources for DOT professionals and stakeholders, facilitating easier application of research findings to practical transportation projects. This project will involve defining technical requirements, developing an intuitive user interface, and implementing backend functionalities. It will culminate in a comprehensive evaluation of the tool’s impact on improving project outcomes and decision-making efficiency within DOT, significantly enhancing the translation of research into actionable results.

Project Details

Project ID


Start Date
October 1, 2024

End Date
September 30, 2025

Focus Areas
Data Analytics, Modeling and Simulation
Education and Outreach

US Dept Of Transportation
Wi Dept Of Transportation

Research Centers
Institute for Physical Infrastructure and Transportation (IPIT)

Principal Investigator

Qin, Xiao
Director, Institute for Physical Infrastructure and Transportation (IPIT)
Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Co-Principal Investigator

Sayed, Md
Research Associate, Institute for Physical Infrastructure and Transportation (IPIT)