John Heywood

  • Distinguished Professor, Professor
  • Master of Human Resources and Labor Relations, Director


  • PhD, University of Michigan
  • MA, University of Michigan
  • BA, Swarthmore College

Research Interests

  • Labor Economics
  • Industrial Organization
  • Location Theory
  • Applied Microeconomics
  • The determinants and consequences of alternative payment schemes
  • Models of spatial price discrimination
  • Strategic delegation

Related Activities

Selected Publications

Heywood, John S., Baktash, Mehrzad, and Jirjahn, Uwe. “Worker Stress and Performance Pay: German Survey Evidence” Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 201. (2022): 276 - 291.
Heywood, John S., Artz, Benjamin, and Green, Colin. “Does Performance Pay Increase Alcohol and Drug Use?” Journal of Population Economics 34. (2021): 969 - 1002.
Heywood, John S., Green, Colin, and Navarro, Maria. “Did the London Congestion Charge Reduce Pollution?” Regional Science and Urban Economics 84. (2020): 1 -15.
Heywood, John S., Ye, Guanglinag, and Wang, Shiqiang. “Resale Price Maintenance and Spatial Price Discrimination” International Journal of Industrial Organization 57. (2018): 147 - 174.
Bilanakos, Christos, Green, Colin P., Heywood, John S., and Theodoropoulos, Nikolaos. “Do Dominant Firms Provide More Training?” Journal of Economics and Management Strategy 26.1 (2017): 67 - 95.
Heywood, John S., Green, Colin P., and Navarro, Maria. “Traffic Accidents and the London Congestion Charge” Journal of Public Economics 133. (2016): 11 - 22.
Green, Colin P., Heywood, John S., and Navarro, Maria. “Did Liberalizing Bar Hours Decrease Traffic Accidents?” Journal of Health Economics 35.2 (2014): 189 - 198.
Heywood, John S., and Parent, D.. “Performance Pay and the Black-White Wage Gap” Journal of Labor Economics 30.2 (2012): 249 - 90.