Title Review Guideline for New or Vacant Positions (Academic Staff, University Staff, Limited Appointees)

  • Last Updated: June 29, 2021
  • Owner: Department of Human Resources

  1. Description

    This guideline applies to all University Staff (ongoing and project) and Academic Staff/Limited (administrative, research, instructional) positions. New and/or vacant positions will be analyzed and titled prior to recruitment. This guideline explains the requirements, roles, and responsibilities in the vacant title review process.

    Excluded from this process are Academic Administrators and Faculty Positions. Excluded titles include: Chancellor, Provost, Vice Chancellor, Associate Vice Chancellor, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Dean, Associate Dean (ranked faculty), Professor (Assistant, Associate, Full), and Instructor.

  2. Process Considerations
    • The UW System Title and Total Compensation (TTC) Project will be implemented in 2021. Title assignments occurring after the date of implementation must fall within the TTC structure. Titles under the legacy structure will not serve as the basis for titling under TTC.
    • Title determinations are made by Human Resources and are strictly based on the duties and functions of the position.
    • A change in a position’s duties may or may not predict a change in title.
    • Limited designations must be approved by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources.
  3. Roles and Responsibilities in Title Review Process
    1. Hiring Manager determines duties for a new or vacated position. In consultation with the HR Business Partner, position description is drafted/finalized.
    2. The HR Business Partner reviews assigned duties and makes a title determination using “best fit” principles based on UW System Administrative Policy 1276 and appendices.
    3. The following circumstances require title confirmation from Central Human Resources (CHR) Subject Matter Expert (SME):
      1. Change in position’s FLSA status.
      2. Positions titled within the Administrative Officer or Administrative/Academic Director title category.
      3. Positions in units that are not yet functioning under Shared Services.
    4. Upon approval (if necessary), HR Business Partner may initiate action to fill the position (i.e., recruitment)
    5. In circumstances where the Hiring Manager does not agree with the title assignment by HR (HR Business Partner or CHR), a title appeal request may be submitted.

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