Guidelines on Limited Appointments

1. Pertinent Law and UWSA Policy

Chapter UWS 15 defines a limited appointment as “a special appointment to a designated administrative position. A person in this type of appointment serves at the pleasure of the authorized official who made the appointment.” Wisconsin Statute s. 36.17(2) requires certain positions must be designated as limited appointments.

Regents Resolution #9091 (adopted November 11, 2005) directed that from November 11, 2005, and forward limited appointments shall be permitted only for those positions listed in s. 36.17(2), “…unless the institution demonstrates circumstances justifying the creation of additional limited appointments…” At UWM, the positions authorized for limited appointments are the Chancellor, Provost, Vice Chancellor, Associate Vice Chancellor, Assistant Chancellor, and Assistant Vice Chancellor. In addition, on December 2, 2005, the System President approved the use of limited appointments for those administrative positions that require a faculty appointment. At UWM, positions that require a faculty appointment as defined in UPG #1, attachment #1, are Dean, Associate Dean, Assistant Dean (most) (A52NN requiring concurrent faculty appointment), Academic Program Directors (all levels), and Department Chairperson.

If a position not included in the above list must be designated as a limited appointment, the request for such designation must be approved by the Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources before any actions are taken with respect to that position. In considering such a request, factors such as the scope of the position’s duties and responsibilities, the level of staffing flexibility needed to meet the changing needs of a school, college or division and the nature of the position’s duties, e.g., if the position serves in a key advisory role to the Chancellor, Provost or other Vice Chancellors, will be considered. Limited appointments are intended to be used for positions involving the greatest risk to the institution and potential need to be terminated with little notice. Normally, absent other circumstances, limited positions should be used only for directors and those supervising director-level positions.

Before such a request is denied by the Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources, consultation with the respective Vice Chancellor/Dean will occur. It may be appropriate for positions to be hired on a fixed-term renewable appointment as an alternative to a limited appointment. The UWM process for submitting such requests is included below.

2. Procedures

  1. For positions that are designated as limited appointments in Section I, submit the request for recruitment through the normal authorization to recruit process, along with the required supporting documents.
  2. If the position is not in the list of approved limited positions in Section I, the following procedures shall be followed.

    Requesting approval of a limited title position:

    1. A position description and narrative with specific reasons requesting the position be a limited appointment shall be forwarded to the Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources for approval. The position description will be reviewed for titling, salary grade assignment, and service placement.
    2. Once the approval is gained, the recruitment may commence.
    3. If the position is not approved to be limited, the position will be opened as an Academic Staff or University Staff position at the appropriate title and salary range.
  3. Determining compensation at the end of a limited appointment.

    Pay upon placement into a concurrent faculty appointment from a Limited Appointment. (Per Regent’s Resolution #9058, adopted September 9, 2005). If a limited appointee is returning to his/her concurrent faculty appointment, the following steps must be taken to determine and gain approval on the salary adjustment.

    1. A request shall be sent to the Provost’s office (or designee) containing the following information: a table showing the rank and rates of all faculty within that “home” department; the faculty member’s previous salary rate, length of time out of the faculty appointment/time served as an administrator, and justification for the requested salary.
    2. The Provost’s office will make a final determination of the appropriate salary.
    3. Upon approval, the HR forms/process may be initiated to return the faculty
      member to their concurrent appointment.
    4. If a limited appointee is returning to their concurrent Academic Staff or
      University Staff position, the salary will be determined based upon a salary range. For each position that currently holds a non-faculty concurrent appointment, the position description must be forwarded to the Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources for review and assignment of title/salary grade.
  4. The position an incumbent returns to in either Academic or University Staff service may vary from the position they previously occupied.
  5. The hiring authority placing an incumbent into a limited appointment with a concurrent appointment accepts responsibility for the concurrent position.
  6. Concurrent appointments and notice periods.

    Limited appointees do not have an automatic right to a concurrent appointment at UWM. The following provisions of UWS Board of Regents Resolution #9091 apply.

    1. Limited appointees who are hired from within the UW-Milwaukee holding Faculty, Academic Staff, or University Staff appointments have the right to their concurrent appointment without a separation in service. Such appointees do not have a minimum notice period but may return to their concurrent appointment with all rights that go with the concurrent appointment.
    2. Limited appointees who are hired from outside UWM into a limited appointment requiring tenurability and who have been granted tenure through the normal tenure granting process have a right to their concurrent appointment as tenured faculty. Such appointees do not have a minimum notice period but may return to their concurrent appointment with all rights that go with the concurrent appointment.
    3. Limited appointees who are hired from outside UWM and who were not recruited with a tenurability requirement are not granted a concurrent appointment. Limited appointees under this category may not be granted more than six months’ notice of termination (UWS 15.01, Wisconsin Administrative Code).
    4. A concurrent appointment shall not be altered while an employee is serving in a limited title position (i.e., there can be no promotions or status changes).
    5. While serving in a limited appointment, the incumbent shall not serve as a representative of the Faculty, Academic, or University Staff governance.
  7. Current limited appointments may be converted to academic staff.

    Under certain circumstances it may be reasonable to convert an existing limited appointment to an Academic Staff appointment, including for positions no longer meeting the factors outlined above. The process to complete such a conversion follows:

    1. The Dean/Division Head shall submit a request for review with an updated position description and justification detailing why the position no longer requires designation as a limited appointment to the Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources.
    2. The Associate Vice Chancellor shall review the request and consider, among other items, the duties and responsibility of the position and the impact of conversion.
    3. The requesting unit shall be notified of the determination and, if approved, the effective date of conversion.

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