Catastrophic Leave Procedures

  1. Introduction

    The Catastrophic Leave Program allows employees to donate earned paid leave credits, other than sick leave or compensatory time, to employees at UWM or to employees at a different UW institution who have a catastrophic need. Great care should be taken to protect the confidentiality and the medical status of the recipient and of the recipient’s family.

    These procedures are intended to implement the UWM Catastrophic Leave Policy. The definitions for an eligible donor and eligible recipient are found in the UWM policy.

  2. Determining Recipient Eligibility

    A prospective recipient must complete the Employee Request for Catastrophic Leave form (UWM-520) which must be submitted to the Department of Human Resources to determine eligibility to receive donations.

    The Department of Human Resources will determine recipient eligibility consistent with this policy. The Department of Human Resources will complete an Employer Approval of Catastrophic Leave form (UWM-521).

  3. Determining Donor Eligibility

    A prospective donor must complete a Catastrophic Leave Donor Authorization form (UWM-522) which must be submitted to the Department of Human Resources to determine eligibility to make a donation.

  4. Leave Credit Donation

    The Department of Human Resources will maintain documentation to support leave use and adjustments made to leave balances.

    Leave that can be donated includes: annual leave/vacation, vacation carryover, personal holiday, accrued legal holiday/floating legal holiday and leave in a paid leave bank (ALRA/sabbatical). It excludes sick leave or compensatory time off credits.

    Donated leave credits will be deducted from the donor’s official leave accounting balance when they are used by the recipient. Initially donated hours that are ultimately not needed will revert to the individual who donated them. There is no limit on the number of accrued hours a donor may donate. A donor may donate as often as desired. Donated leave credits are not subject to carry over. They must be donated before the leave expiration date.

    Donated leave will be applied on a first-come, first served basis. In the event of multiple eligible recipients when there is insufficient donated leave time to cover all the need, an additional solicitation to the campus is recommended.

    Decisions relative to the application of the Catastrophic Leave Program are not grievable.

  5. Donations to and from other UW Institutions

    Employees may donate leave to individuals at other UW institutions, according to the Catastrophic Leave policies and procedures for that other institution.

    Individuals from other UW institutions may donate to UWM employees, according to the UWM Policy.

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