Benefits Changes

When you enroll in benefits, you typically must stay enrolled for the entire plan year. This means that you cannot make changes to your benefits mid-year unless you have a qualifying life event, as defined by the IRS.

There are two categories of qualifying life events: Employment Changes and Family Changes. If you have a qualifying life event, you generally have 30 days from the date of the event to make changes to your benefits.

Please contact UWM’s Benefits Office ( if you have any questions about qualifying life events or making changes to your benefits.

For more information about qualifying life events please see UW System’s Life Events Overview below.

Source: UW System Life Events Overview

Examples of Employment Changes

  • Change in Employment Category

    (Example: Change from Academic Staff to University Staff)

  • Change in Appointment Percentage
  • Furlough
  • Layoff
  • Leave of Absence
  • Moving to WRS Covered Employment
  • Rehired Annuitant
  • Retirement
  • Temporary Work Reduction
  • Termination
  • Transfer to a Different UW System Institution
  • Transfer to a State Agency
  • University Staff Temporary (WRS covered) to University Staff Non-Temporary (WRS covered)

Examples of Family Changes

  • Birth or Adoption of Child
  • Change in Name or Address
  • Loss of Dependent Status for Child
  • Death of Employee
  • Death of Spouse, Domestic Partner, or Child
  • Divorce
  • Establishment of Domestic Partnership
  • Domestic Partnership to Marriage
  • End of Domestic Partnership
  • Gain of Other Health Insurance Coverage
  • Loss of Other Health Insurance Coverage
  • Legal Guardianship
  • Marriage

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