Lenore Wilkas, MLS, BA

  • Associate Researcher
  • Project Librarian

As Associate Researcher in the Werley Center for Nursing Research and Evaluation, Ms. Wilkas uses skills she has developed over 30 years in her profession to support faculty research and publishing endeavors through database searches, selective dissemination of new articles of possible interest, and editing of manuscripts. Providing assistance to faculty and staff in the use of bibliographic management software and in the efficient use of databases and assisting researchers in the development of materials needed for grant submissions are additional roles. As a part of the latter role, Ms. Wilkas maintains and edits extended biosketches for faculty and updates records on Digital Measures.

In service to the College and University, Ms. Wilkas is the College of Nursing liaison to the UWM Libraries and the elected UWM Academic Staff Senator from Nursing (through 2014).

She has also served as Project Librarian for the ACW Knowledge-Based Nursing Initiative (KBNI) which was a leading-edge partnership from 2004-2009 that involved the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee College of Nursing, the Cerner Corporation, and Aurora Health Care to accelerate and expand the use of knowledge and evidence in nursing practice. As Project Librarian, she was responsible for identifying and retrieving this evidence for the knowledge developers.