Jennifer Doering

    Jennifer Doering, PhD, RN

    • Head of School, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

    Jennifer Doering, PhD, RN is the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor and at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee College of Nursing. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis and master’s and doctorate from the University of Arizona in Tucson.

    Dr. Doering studies how sleep deprivation affects depression in socioeconomically disadvantaged women after childbirth. Previous research includes qualitative (grounded theory) and quantitative studies on fatigue, sleep, and depression symptoms in this population. More recently, she constructed and tested the feasibility of a self-management intervention to promote sleep and reduce fatigue in postpartum women. In collaboration with engineering colleagues, she is building and testing a device to reduce infant death from unsafe sleep environments.

    Dr. Doering has special interests in postpartum nursing, maternal health, feminist theory and nursing philosophy. She teaches research and maternal-infant health across the undergraduate and graduate programs. Dr. Doering’s clinical experience includes obstetrics, postpartum, gynecologic, high-risk antenatal, newborn, neonatal intensive care, emergency nursing, and new graduate nurse staff development.

    Dr. Doering is an alumna of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurse Faculty Scholar program (2008-2011), and is a Center Scientist in the UWM Center for Applied and Behavioral Health Research and the Clinical and Translational Science Institute of Southeast Wisconsin.


    PhD Vulnerable Populations Specialty- University of Arizona College of Nursing, Tucson, AZ
    MSN Case Management- University of Arizona College of Nursing, Tucson, AZ
    BSN Nursing- University of Minnesota School of Nursing, Minneapolis, MN

    Awards & Honors
    The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Faculty (2013). The DAISY Foundation.

    New Investigator Award (2008, November) University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee College of Nursing

    Nominated for UWM College of Nursing Teaching Excellence Award (2008, November) UWM College of Nursing

    Wisconsin Association for Perinatal Care Conference Poster Session-1st place (2007, April) Wisconsin Association for Perinatal Care

    New Investigator Award (2007, March) Childbearing Nursing Research Section of the Midwest Nursing Research Society

    Contracts & Grants
    Protective I-SleepPod for Young Infants. UWM Research Foundation- Bradley Catalyst Grant, Jennifer Doering, Campbell-Kyureghyan.

    Self-management of postpartum fatigue in poor urban women. National Institute of Nursing Research Grant, Jennifer Doering.

    Relationship of Postpartum Sleep Deprivation to Later Mental Health in Lower-Income Urban Women. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Nurse Faculty Scholar Program Grant, Jennifer Doering.

    A pilot investigation of fatigue after childbirth in a vulnerable community. Graduate School Research Committee Award Grant, Jennifer Doering.

    Fatigue and Depressive Patterns After Childbirth. Midwest Nursing Research Society New Investigator Seed Grant, Jennifer Doering.

    Improving the Health of Children with Special Needs in Birth to 3 Programs through Health Literacy and Maternal Depression Screening Center for Urban Population Health Center, Scientist Award Grant, Jennifer Doering, Kris Pizur-Barnekow, Paula Rhyner, Timothy Patrick.

    Intellectual Contributions
    Gralton, K. S. (CON Ph.D. grad), Doering, J., Ngui, E., Pan, A., & Schiffman, R.. (2022). Family resiliency and family functioning in non-Hispanic Black and non-Hispanic White families of preterm infants. Journal of Pediatric Nursing, 64, 102-110. doi:10.1016/j.pedn.2022.02.010

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