Olivia Molter


Olivia Molter



Olivia Molter is a student and Milwaukee-based artist and designer. She’s currently a senior in UW-Milwaukee’s Design and Visual Communication program and has a strong interest in design, illustration, branding and how fine art can be incorporated into effective and beautiful designs. Olivia has been lucky enough to do a lot of freelance work for local personalities and businesses, many of them being within the coffee industry.

Outside of art and design, Olivia is passionate about sustainability and how we impact our environment with our lifestyles, votes and dollars as well as about finding ways to make living well and sustainably more accessible to more people (like college students on a budget, for example). When she’s not working on design projects, she can be found doing yoga, winning latte art competitions and browsing every farmers market within biking distance.

Design Team

Team Person 1:
Mentor: Lucas Lyons

Team Person 2:
Mentor: Molly Kiefer

Team Person 3:
User Testing: Marissa TenHaken

High School & Notable Teachers

Appleton North High School
Aaron Ramponi



Oro is a smarter, cleaner and easier cup sharing program. Traditional cup share programs rely on a coffee shop to stock, wash and pay for cups. This interrupts barista and business workflow, can cause financial stress; and can cause unnecessarily lengthy transactions, which is tedious for baristas and customers alike. Oro’s system takes the stress away from the coffee shop and barista. Cups are stored and in a kiosk just outside of your favorite coffee shop and are accessed via a quick QR code and our app for just 50 cents a cup. Scan, select your size and go. Cups are returned to any kiosk to be collected, professionally sanitized, and returned. By making reusable cups accessible, affordable, and convenient, we believe we are one step closer to making single use paper cups obsolete.


Oro isn’t going to save the environment, but we believe that more systems like it will. By proving that a zero-waste swap can be convenient and affordable, we hope to help individuals and industries start their own journeys in sustainability.


To eradicate single use cups in the coffee industry.