Mickel Arce

Mickel Arce

Mickel Arce



A second-generation Graphic Designer, Mickel has grown up with creativity at the forefront of his journey. Being born into a small business, Mickel finds himself strongly involved in the family business which specializes in Screen Printing and Embroidery along with various other promotional items. With an emphasis on production design, Mickel has continued this creative legacy and aims to expand his family’s local business.

With years of experience, Mickel has grown to both understand what it takes to run a business but also what it means to be local and exist within a community. Dedicated to customer service and a focus on customer relationships, his business has flourished through the recent years. Being able to expand areas such as wed design and being able to work very closely with other small business looking to grow their business. As a production design specialist, Mickel knows how important design is in relationship to production. And throughout a large portion of his life has worked too perfect this craft and help others in their own experiences.

Design Team

Team Person 1:
Mentor: Javier Arce

Team Person 2:
Design Mentor: Gabi Olmedo

Team Person 3:
User Testing: Stephen Mujeye

High School & Notable Teachers

Wisconsin Academy



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