Leksi Craig


Leksi Craig



Leksi Craig is an artist, designer, jewelry maker, and midwesterner. Currently, she is a design student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee studying to receive her BFA in Design and Visual Communication. Branding and package design are her main areas of study. While working in the two dimensional space is at the heart of her program, she found a way to focus on designing in the three dimensional space through metalsmithing and jewelry making. Working in a three dimensional space can really give great insight to working graphically and working with product design. Leksi hopes to graduate in the summer of 2021. After graduation, Leksi hopes to move to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue her design career.

Design Team

Team Person 1:
Mentor: Amelia Coffaro

Team Person 2:
Design Student: Lexi Porras

Team Person 3:
User Testing: Ellisa Craig

High School & Notable Teachers

Rockford Christian High School



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