Jayce Van De Veer


Jayce Van De Veer



Jayce Van De Veer is an ambitious designer and photographer. He is currently attending the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, studying Design and Visual Communication. When he is not designing, he enjoys bicycling, hiking, and listening to music.

Design Team

Team Person 1:
Mentor: Chris Jacobs

Team Person 2:
Design Student: Tanner Van De Veer

Team Person 3:
User Testing: Max Volk

High School & Notable Teachers

Washington, IL Community High School
Kate Smith



Pedal Points is an app created to incentivise bicycling as a form of exercise and transportation. The more the user cycles, the more points they will earn. The points can be redeemed as discounts to participating businesses in the area. The app includes features that enable the user to track several aspects of their cycling history. This includes health, environmental, and bicycling statistics.


PedalPoints is encouraging cycling by enabling users to track their fitness and ecofriendly history, all while earning points to get rewards at local businesses.


Pedal Points would like to help grow the bicycling community worldwide. The goal is to encourage and incentivize bicycling, so that there is a rise in the percentage of bicyclists in every city.