Georgia Cline


Georgia Cline


Georgia Cline is currently pursuing a BFA in Design and Visual Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She will be graduating in the Spring of 2021 and will begin her career in design and art. Georgia loves how much diversity there is within the realms of design and art and believes there are endless ways to create and to be inspired. Along with graphic design, Georgia enjoys drawing, painting, and collaging. Intertwining all of these different mediums with graphic art is what she loves to do and hopes to do in her future of design. In her free time, she will most likely be exploring outside, biking, walking, listening to music, or being with her favorite people. The majority of her work is influenced by elements from nature and combining that with non-objective elements. Georgia wants her work to open the eyes of whoever sees it, as well as inspire them in aspects of their own lives. She believes that art and design have the ability to help overcome the issues within the world, and she cannot wait to be a part of it.

Design Team

Team Person 1:
Mentor: Maira Gavioli

Team Person 2:
Design Student: Emma Riedlinger

Team Person 3:
User Testing: Amy Cline

High School & Notable Teachers

Indian Trail High School
Mrs. Gapinski



Echo is a company that believes reducing food waste can help contribute to the fight against global warming. We have developed an app that allows its users to search how to use specific items, before it gets thrown out. The app also has a feature that lets the user add their grocery lists and the app will generate recipes using those ingredients. Along with that, the users can turn on reminders for specific items on their grocery list, and the app will send alerts to the user’s phone reminding them to eat the item before a certain date. Our goal is to inspire our users to up-cycle food and to avoid wasting food by providing them with tools to help them use their groceries.


Echo intends to be a resource for those looking to implement food conservation and up-cycling into their lives. This app provides its users with recipes that support the action of up-cycling, along with tools that help avoid food going to waste.


We are aiming to fight climate change, by encouraging the reduction of food waste worldwide. By promoting food conservation and acting as a resource, we aspire to make positive changes within people’s lives and our planet.