Maddy Margulis


Maddy Margulis


Once, I was a pastry chef. I learned how to hold my ground against a sous chef and 250 diners at the age of 19. Over the course of 5 years in the industry, I was more invested in bakery t-shirts and logo redesigns than the sugar and the butter. I am now a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee anticipated to graduate May of 2020 with a Bachelor’s in Design and Visual Communications. I have been awarded scholarships at the Peck School of The Art’s scholarship competition in both 2018 and 2019. I am currently the Design Intern in the Digital Content department at Hoffman York, and looking forward to joining BVK as a Creative Intern next semester. Previously, I was the Digital Coordinator and Junior Designer at Brainchild Studios. As a digital designer, I am constantly pushing to learn new capabilities in motion graphics, photography, web development and UX/UI. Once you meet me you’ll learn I’m insanely passionate about many things, I’m brutally honest, I work hard, and I care a lot. I believe having fun is the only way to live.

Design Team

Shelin Xu: Design Mentor

Dan Margulis: Copywriter

Kat Hernandez: Branding Expert

Jess Smith: User

High School

Menomonee Falls High School



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