Jojo West


Jojo West


My name is Jojo West and I am a senior in the BFA Design and Visual Communications program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. My strong design skills, creative thinking and fun personality has brought great achievement in my academic and professional career. With the current internships that I have, I’m learning new, productive procedures and professional practices every day that I bring to my design courses along with skills I already had and developed over the years. Public speaking, progressive thinking, being a timely multi-tasker and detail-oriented are traits that I take pride in and work to improve consistently. Although I am an artist first, I take my academics earnestly and managed to excel in my courses; I made the Dean’s Honors List for Spring 2019 and plan to graduate with honors in the Spring 2020 class of UWM. I have many life and career goals, but I understand that everything comes with time, and having patience and perseverance are my keys to managing life so that I can handle any obstacle that comes my way.

Design Team

Chris Brzinski, Mentor and Graphic Designer / Instructor

Ashley Jordan, Program Coordinator for PEARLS For Teen Girls Non-Profit

Darius Smith, The Locals Gallery owner and Production Assistant

Alvin Cudi, The Locals Gallery owner and Production Assistant

Tamika Boyd, User Testing and Research

High School

Wauwatosa West


4-Us is a non-profit organization that has a focus of assisting local students in Milwaukee Public Schools to become knowledgeable about mental health wellness and manage the complications of having a Behavioral Disorder by facilitating art and design after-school activities.

By using our own resources, we want to help our community by using our skills of art and design to help local students. We provide peer to peer & mentor to mentee on-site pairs to assist in visual and performing art programs along with Behavioral Specialists to provide medical knowledge to the young teens and children, teaching them about mental health awareness and wellness.


To learn, heal and develop through art and design in a safe space that’s created for us.


We want to be the positive representation of our community to help create brighter futures for us all. We want to be the change we want to see. Acknowledgement, awareness and accommodation are how we plan to create a healthier city.





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