Meghan Collins


Meghan Collins


Meghan Collins is a senior at University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. She is working towards earning her bachelors degree in Design and Visual Communications. Meghan was born and raised in Wisconsin. She is ready to explore where the world of design will take her. Following graduation she hopes to find a career where she can apply her knowledge of design that involves community engagement and sustainable printing practices.

Meghan is a dedicated problem solver who enjoys finding unique solutions to traditional design problems. Meghan has experience working at a local print shop where she has gained knowledge in the output process of design. This experience provided her with vital information about conservation and productivity in design, which ties in with Meghan’s dedication to sustainable design solutions for packaging and print in graphic design.

Design Team

Julie Mae Engelmann: University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Metals Student
Kate Nelson: University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Chief Sustainability Officer
Charles Uihlein: Director of local organization called Teens Grow Greens

High School

Port Washington High School



Purple Peach provides children with an opportunity to plant their own fruits and vegetables while also giving them a platform to connect and share with other children in their community.


Purple Peach’s goal is to create a brighter future for the next generation by teaching children the importance of health and nutrition through gardening as a lasting solution to unhealthy eating habits and hunger.


Purple Peach sees a world where children feel empowered and inspired to improve their health for the future.