Mazen Ghani


Mazen Ghani


For as long as I can remember, art has been my outlet of escape. Bored out of my mind at my older brother’s countless middle school choir performances forced me to look for entertainment outside of what was on stage. The same pamphlets that my parents hoped to keep in remembrance of my brother’s performance quickly turned into pieces of art that would be kept for a different reason. Design––large or small, expensive or cheap, flashy or simple––can have the power to do something as grandiose as change the world or something as small as make someone’s day or get them to think of something in a different way. This is one of the reasons that I have decided to pursue a career as a Graphic Designer.

I love to use different styles and mediums of design to create something that has never been seen before that often might go against the grain of design standards for the sake of pushing design forward into the future. Hip Hop is my favorite genre of music and has a history of having artists in the genre pushing against the grain of what is deemed as acceptable and “good” art for what has already been previously established by previous artists.

My design aesthetic typically leans towards a sharp, clean, high-contrast composition that favors minimalism and cleanliness, yet is loud and inviting to the viewer. However, using styles that lean towards a more an organic, messy aesthetic is something that I’m using more and more in my work; the contrast of a rough, eroded, organic elements fused with sharp, high-contrast non-organic vector elements is something that I hope to show in my style and portfolio of work.

My career goals are to work for a music recording company like Universal Music Group or Sony Music making album covers, merchandise, branding and other promotional designs for professional recording artists.

Design Team

Hannah Evans:
Design Consultant

Kathleen Ardellini:
Senior Administrative Assistant / Nurse (Childrens Hospital of Wisconsin)

Sami Ghani:
Design Mentor

Mac Gallagher:
Web Design / UX Mentor

High School & Notable Teachers

Shorewood High School
Tanner Tiepel


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