Lamia Tabara


Lamia Tabara 


Born in a very cultured and religious home, Lamia grew up with much confidence and pride of her middle eastern heritage and religious beliefs.  Lamia is enthusiastic, confident, and passionate for adventure and learning. It was through the support and the encouragement of her family, especially her father may he rest in peace, that Lamia decided to embrace her love for the Arts and eventually found design. Having seen first had the amount of issues and struggles there are in this world, Lamias goal is to make a difference with her work one design at a time. Lamia considers herself a part of the contemporary art movement because of her passion to make a difference

Lamia is a student at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and will be graduating Spring 2020 with a BFA in Design & Visual Communications and a Minor in Architectural Design. Proficient in design, illustration, problem-solving, research and analytical skills and more, Lamia embraces each day with positive energy and strength of character.

Design Team

Alyssa Holly:
UWM DVC Student

Faezh Dalieh:
Marquette University 4th year student majoring in Data Science and IT

Molly Rice:
UWM 4th year student majoring in DVC with Minor in Business

Keafah Mahmoud:
Ventilator Support Nurse working at St. Lukes Medical Center

Dr. Vani Pinnamaneni:
Hospice/ Palliative care Doctor

High School & Notable Teachers

Salam High/Middle School
Mrs. Kristie Farahbakhsh 


WALLY is a customized subscription box company intended for long-term care patients. Each box has 5 objects that highlight the feeling of home and comfort to prevent hospital induced mental Illnesses such as: Depression, Anxiety and Delirium. 


To give patients the ability to create a more cozy and comforting environment to heal in.


Aiming to provide a better healing environment for patients to avoid post-care mental issues such as depression, anxiety and delirium.