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First and foremost an illustrator, Kali Desorcy is a fifth-year Design and Visual Communication student at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee graduating in the Spring of 2019. While originally studying Spanish language and Painting & Drawing, Kali had found her way into the DVC program at the beginning of her third year in college. Kali can be found constantly drawing or painting almost any time she isn’t doing homework and even as a child, she was almost always drawing or reading comics. Inspired by the stories she had read in childhood, her project becoming more of a comic book than a regular picture book in order to allow for more in-depth narrative.

In her design career, Kali has worked as the Marketing Coordinator for the UWM Union Art Gallery and currently works for the Florentine Opera as Graphic Design Intern. She has illustrated one other children’s book aside from Jiji + Jojo and plans on illustrating more children’s books in the future. When she’s without a pen in her hand, she’s probably playing with her cat, the real-life Jiji that’s featured in her project.

Design Team

Cora Reinhard:
Senior Design Student

Lily Reinhard:
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Ella Reinhard:
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Meghan Polzin:
Senior Design Student

Max Estes:
Author / Illustrator

High School & Notable Teachers

Kimberly High School
Miki Wise
Carrie Zeitler-Everitt


Jiji + Jojo and the Pollution Solution is a comic book aimed from 5-10 about two cats that go on an adventure to a heavily-polluted environment and learn about how to restore it by recycling, composting, and preventing an excess of waste.


The Jiji and Jojo franchise aims to entertain parents and children with entertaining stories while also providing education about global waste.


Our vision is to provide many new stories and forms of content that enforce better knowledge of environmental practices for the next generation.