Emily Duffy

Emily Duffy



Fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit over fifteen countries, Emily is adventurous, adaptable, and passionate for culture. Growing up with a Mennonite father, Emily learned the values of pride in hard work and simplicity, as well as developed a love for the Arts and Crafts Movement. Emily embraces new experiences, loves to learn, and tackles each day with energy and strength of character.

Emily is as student at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, graduating Spring 2018 with a BFA in Design & Visual Communication. Proficient in design, motion graphics, branding, user experience design, web design, and photography, Emily is on the constant pursuit of skillful problem solving.

Design Team

Ben Eithun
Program Manager of Pediatric Trauma, American Family Children’s Hospital
Pediatric Critical Care Nurse Practitioner, CHOP

James Zook
Assistant Research Scientist, Arizona State University

Elizabeth Wolf
Educator, Ombudsman Educational Services

Dan Mahoney
Assistant Professor, Pediatric Palliative Care

High School

Pacelli Senior High


My Dorothy simplifies communication and fosters connection between informal caregivers and their support networks, building simple and effective support systems.


Simplify. Connect people to their supportive communities.


All informal caregivers will have the support they need to provide the best possible care.