Cora Reinhard


Cora Reinhard


In 6th grade, my pet goat Molly ate my math homework. Now, my younger siblings submit their homework on iPads. Design, communication, and illustration are perpetual, intrinsic and enduring aspects of life, whether on paper or digital. I have an extensive fine art background and skill set, a thirst for knowledge quenched through research, and a passion for supporting others. With fine art classes at Carroll University, I honed my fine art and communication skills. Time spent earning my Associates Degree at Waukesha Technical College provided me with a thorough understanding of the technical aspects of package design and print. The ongoing completion of a BFA in Design and Visual Communication at UWM has taught me to combine both skill sets efficiently and effectively. This knowledge, along with my desire to relate to and connect with others, has made me a capable designer who can accomplish my clients’ goals and improve the lives of those around me.  I am proficient in visual ideation, illustration, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop. The goal of my continued education is to become more innovative and confident as a designer- A professional who not only meets my clients’ goals and personal expectations but exceeds them. 

Design Team

Renee Scampini:
Professional Dietitian. Acted as my industry wayfinder. 

Kathy Papineau:
Owner of MKE Kitchen & MKE Localicious catering. Acted as my industry professional

Dimitri Tsioutsiopoulos:
Co-Owner of Munchies MKE. Acted as a sample user. 

Laura Stevens:
Solid Waste & Recycling Coordinator at UWM. Acted as my waste professional. 

Nicole Green:
Program Manager at Lubar’s 
Entrepreuership Center. Nicole acted as my pitch coach.  

High School & Notable Teachers

Waukesha South High School 
Miss. Olson
Mr. Foster
Mr. Man 


Spade & Spatula is a food incubation kitchen and pop-up event space that helps local food innovators succeed in an industry with large pitfalls and high start-up costs. While also making urban sustainability and business guidance more accessible to business owners. Our location has a fully outfitted commercial kitchen with areas for prep/packaging work, catering, baking and events/dining. Each of these areas employ environmentally friendly features such as biogas, gardens and gray water collection. Our serice ultimately creates a hub for guidance, innovation, sustainability and community. 


Our mission is to cultivate local food entrepreneurs for the betterment of the MKE community with guidance, a sustainable kitchen and a vibrant social space.


Our vision is to cultivate a sustainable and thriving food community in Milwaukee.