Colby Wilkerson


Colby Wilkerson


Colby Wilkerson is senior in the Design and Visual Communications program at UWM. In addition, as if being full-time student wasn’t enough, he works as a full-time manager at a local restaurant and has an internship with UWM’s School of Information Studies as a graphic design intern. Colby gets a wide variety of skills from these three demanding commitments that made him the well rounded designer and time manager that he is today.

Colby tends to design for the “little guy” and works to give a voice, by use of design, to those who may not be represented well overall. He has created several pieces that support the LGBT community because he loves the variety of the walks of life that come from the community and the stories they tell. There is a ton of work needed to visually represent what the LGBT community truly has to offer and that is what Colby loves to work to support.

With what little free time Colby currently gets, you can find him easily with his nose in a book at the local bookstore — he’ll be the one wearing the cat shirt, a signature trait of his. He plans to grow his knowledge and design skills as he prepares to enter the design field.

Design Team

Manduul Gomez:
Student, App Consultant

Elizabeth Bur:
Montessori Teacher, User

Corey Antonicci:
Manager, User  

High School & Notable Teachers

Two Rivers High School
Travis Klein 


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