Alyssa Holly

Alyssa Holly


Alyssa Holly is a rational creative and aspiring designer currently enrolled in the Design and Visual Communications program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Prior to studying design, she completed a B.A. in Studio Arts with a minor in business. She has never stopped looking for ways to bring her varied background together. Design is the missing link allowing her to embrace her creativity while also incorporating process and structure.

She currently works as Program Coordinator for the Mathematics Institute of Wisconsin. Her role at the Institute includes everything from managing web content and marketing to program scheduling and event planning. Her newest endeavor is creating a social media presence for the organization. She loves a good challenge and always looks forward to gaining knowledge through experience.

Alyssa’s interest in making is rooted in her years of doing arts and crafts at Girl Scout camps in the woods of Wisconsin. This is also where she learned that you should always leave your environment a little better than you found it. It’s the idea of doing your part to improve the world around you that drives her love of design. She believes that design and visual communication creates the opportunity to make things that improve people’s lives while making the world around us a little more beautiful.

Design Team

Brian Frey:
Graphic Designer

Robert Grame:
Associate Professor, Design and Visual Communication at University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Christopher Trejo:

Peter Whelpley:
Web Designer

High School

Waukesha South


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