UWM’s faculty members are world-class researchers and teachers, and many of them incorporate data science practices in their work. They use this expertise to help national and global companies as well as faculty from other universities address some of the most important and pressing questions of business and society. You’ll find plenty of examples of this across the UWM campus, but here are just a couple examples of some of that work.

Purush Papatla, the Northwestern Mutual Data Science Institute Professor and co-director of the institute, has extensive experience partnering with companies on research. In one project, he analyzed several trillion airings of television commercials to help business understand how using sound could make ads more engaging. His work was published in the prestigious Journal of Marketing Research. He’s also working with Twitter to better understand people’s feelings about the COVID-19 pandemic and use that date to provide insights for public health.

Rina Ghose, a professor of geography, researched how geographic location data could provide insight into opioid usage. She partnered with her own doctoral students and faculty from Marquette University to address this work of enormous social significance.

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