Are students and staff required to self-report their positive COVID-19 test result or diagnosis?

August 19, 2021

Yes, students and staff should self-report their positive test result and/or a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. Students should report their results/diagnosis to the Dean of Students Office.

The Dean of Students Office will notify, in a de-identified manner, the other students in your in-person class, so please do not share the student-provided information with the class. Beyond the potential confusion duplicate notifications could cause, you may violate FERPA by sharing this information beyond those UWM staff who legitimately need to know this information (such as your department chair or the Dean of Students Office). Anyone identified by the selfreporting student as being a close contact may be contacted by the Dean of Students Office or local health department.

Staff members should report their positive test result or COVID-19 diagnosis to UWM’s Employee Case Management Form.