UW Water Policy Network

The UW Water Policy Network is open to faculty, researchers and students across the 13 universities in the University of Wisconsin System (UW System).  We believe that interdisciplinary connections across the UW System will lead to stronger water policy that protects clean water people use for swimming, boating, fishing, growing food and manufacturing.

The Center for Water Policy convened an inaugural UW Water Policy Network in the Spring of 2021.  Faculty, researchers, and students from multiple disciplines (e.g., law, economics, public health, urban planning, geography, history, and more) continue to join the Network.

Our purpose is to build relationships across the UW System that will lead to sharing ideas, collaborating on research proposals, and developing water policy curricula for use across the System.  The Network is a “hub” for those interested in water policy to more easily identify collaborators for grants, guest lectures, public speaking, media interviews, etc. The Network is a resource for government agencies, the private sector and other stakeholders to connect with UW System water policy experts.

The UW Water Policy Network is led by a core team: Melissa Scanlan, Director of the Center for Water Policy and Professor in the School of Freshwater Sciences, UW-Milwaukee; Zach Raff, Assistant Professor in Economics, UW-Stout; and Laura Suppes, Associate Professor in Public Health and Environmental Studies, UW-Eau Claire.  Some of the Water Policy Network members are also Affiliated Faculty and Researchers with the Center for Water Policy.

The UW Water Policy Network is hosting a series of presentations and discussions for its members throughout the academic year.

The UW Water Policy Network is supported in part by the Freshwater Collaborative of Wisconsin and leveraged by other resources from the Center for Water Policy.  Annually, the Center for Water Policy selects a Water Policy Scholar from our Affiliated Faculty to work on policy issues related to one of the Grand Challenges.  The Center also provides legal and policy research assistance to support research teams that include our Affiliated Faculty and Researchers.

If you’re interested in joining the UW Water Policy Network or finding a water policy expert, contact waterpolicy@uwm.edu .