School/College/Unit Logos

A series of secondary logos has been developed for use by schools, colleges, divisions, departments and offices, which incorporates the UWM preferred logo. This logo should be used as a primary identifier on brochures, advertising, Web pages, PowerPoint slides or other communication vehicles. Any other secondary or individual logos for UWM colleges, departments, divisions, programs, centers, or others are not allowed unless given an exception by the Brand Oversight Committee and the Vice Chancellor of University Relations.


School/College/Unit Logos available for download.

Staging of the School/College/Unit Name

The name of each school or college is situated in a specific relationship below the preferred University signature, and should not be altered. It is positioned flush left with the right-hand side of the banner graphic in the logomark, and in the specified size and typeface in either a one-line or two-line format.


Adding Department/Office Names

Department/office names can be added under the College/School name following this formula:

Using a UWM logo that is 1.75 inches wide.

Typography –
School/Division name:
12.5/13.5 New Baskerville Roman, 90% condensed

Office/Department name:
8.5/9.5 New Baskerville Italic


Name Substitution

In some situations, it is preferable that the name of the Department/Office be substituted for the School/College/Division name. Authorization from the School/College Dean or Division Head must be received before such a logo can be used. Once authorization is received and submitted to Print & Copy Services, they will create the logo for you.


The authorization form for name substitution (pdf) can be downloaded from the Print & Copy Services Web site.