Salowitz, Nathan

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Affiliate Professor,
Electrical Engineering
Affiliate Professor, Civil Engineering
(414) 229-2228
Eng & Math Sciences 955

After earning his B.S. degree at the University of Wisconsin - Madison Dr. Salowitz worked as a Structural Analyst with Boeing for several years before pursuing graduate studies. Since receiving his Ph.D. he has been an Engineering Research Associate in the Structures and Composites Laboratory at Stanford University. His current research is focused on creating new mechanical sensors and actuators intended for water systems and intelligent/multifunctional materials that can detect, report, and respond to their state. His past research has addressed failure mechanisms, damage detection, and structural health monitoring in composite and advanced fiber metal laminate materials.


CIV ENG/MECH ENG 699 - Independent Study

CIV ENG/MECH ENG 888 - Candidate for Degree

CIV ENG/MECH ENG 990 - Masters Thesis

CIV ENG/MECH ENG 998 - Doctoral Thesis

CIV ENG/MECH ENG 999 - Advanced Independent Study

MECH ENG 366 - Design of Machine Elements

MECH ENG 490 - Topics in Mechanical Engineering: Mechanics Seminar

MECH ENG 490G - Topics in Mechanical Engineering: Mechanics Seminar