Dietenberger, J.

Academic Instructor - Lecturer | Continuing Education Instructor 

J. Dietenberger is an Executive Strategic Consultant, University Lecturer, Administrator, and Engineer in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Internships, and Technology. He brings ivy league training, extensive sector, and multi-industry expertise. He is a senior-level Information Technology, Project Management, and Organizational Development leader.

Mr. Dietenberger has over 25 years experience consulting domestically and internationally with a multitude of clients with diverse backgrounds — including Global 500, AmLaw 200, CxO/Executive Suite, as well as Startups, and Scale-ups. In addition to serving on multiple Corporate, University, and Community boards, he has managed projects valued up to $100 million and advised on projects upwards of $1 billion.

Have served in interim honorary CIO, CSO, CINO to multiple digital startups in various phases (seed, growth, buyout).

Having authored with a member of the STEM Advisory team to the President at the White House, the focus of this leader is “transformational success in pursuit of the client’s objectives.” He is a frequent industry speaker and utilizes processes that are collaborative, engaging, and transformational.

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I can offer...

I can offer IT Leadership and Digital Innovation Transformation dialogs to your endeavors - especially those involving and elevating the dialog of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity across innovation, business, and STEM. Additionally, in the realm of digital innovation across multiple sectors is the ever important dialog of I.T. Ethics and the rapid I.T. changes we face from a skill set, talent development, and ethics decision-making framework. Dialogs here to advance your efforts are welcome.


Art & Design 524 - Your Major As Startup

CEAS 658 - Topics in Information Technology

INFOST 495 - Internships - Experiential Learning

INFOST 490 - Senior Capstone

INFOST 399 - Independent Study

INFOST 340 - Systems Analysis

INFOST 350 - Object Oriented Programming

INFOST 240 - Website Design