Emily Igwike – new african; nature
Susan Moon – Marriage
Cheyenne Taylor – 18 Years After Mamaw’s Death, Our Grief Thinks it’s Grown Enough to Leave Home
Tracey Knapp – My Father Was a Runner
Debbra Palmer – I was raised inside a vacuum bag
Sarah Aziz – The Trial
Veronica Kornberg Despite the Usual Traffic
Chrissy Martin – Tethered
Jennessa Hester – rock me to sleep, daughter; what i remember about barbie Meredith MacLeod Davidson – Escape in the Heart of Monsoon Season
Evelyn Gill – Bound
Megan Snyder-Camp – June Abecedarian
Louie Leyton – après moi le deluge
Claire Cella – Grounded
Kristyn Garza – 死人に口なし—Shinin ni kuchi nashi, and: 肉体—Nikutai
Darin Ciccotelli – Corn Thunder; A Truck with Unsecured Mattresses at an Unsafe Speed
Carling McManus – Bird Laws; Screening
Carrie Beyer – Tongs
Huan He – 2:12 AM; Incremental Love
Thomas Hobohm – Normal or Not
Anna Abraham Gasaway – Questions from the Angel of Death
Natalia Prusinska – 60-year Itinerary for the Future

Anthony D’Aries – Time and Time Again
Dustin M. Hoffman – While Dorothy Sleeps, Tin Woodman Visits Web MD
Lucy Zhang – Recommended Algorithm
Sony Ton-Aime – The Future First Black Pope
Cora Lewis – The Fire Escape
Coby-Dillon English – First Date, Last Night

Laura Bennett (cover) – Sails, Scales, and Dreams
Aaron Boyd – Giving Good
Noel Caban – Projecto Gasa: Bendito Sea (Blessed Be); Ni Palate. Ni Patras. Kelly Park – Stitches

Caylin Capra-Thomas – Deadhead
Laura Albritton – Life and Death in a Tropical Cottage
Ana María Caballero – Virginity
Abby Howell – Marshall, and Me

Past Issue: 47.2

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