Example of final poster for the content validity research group.
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Brief Description (Alt Text):

Example of final poster for the content validity research group.

Essential Description (Caption):

The UW-Milwaukee themed poster states the title and group members at the top, and in various boxes within four columns below the title, the abstract, background, design, methods, results, graphs of the results, discussion and limitations were all depicted. The poster is a condensed summary of the groups entire research project throughout the semester.

Detailed Description (Description):

The UW-Milwaukee poster has the UWM logo in the top left corner and Occupational Science and Technology in the top right corner. In the center of top of the poster the title is written with the students’ names underneath. The first column has three boxes including a brief abstract, background of the research, and the significance. The second column has three boxes as well including research question and hypothesis, the research design with a flow chart diagram, and the methods. The third column has three boxes which include procedural considerations, an example of a comment from AccessTools, and the results. The fourth and last column has four boxes which include two bar graphs depicting the results, discussion and interpretation, and a list of references.