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Thousands have lost jobs due to COVID-19, making it difficult if not impossible for them to pay rent, buy food and stay in school. The Chancellor’s Student Success Fund will provide a wide range of emergency financial assistance, including scholarships to keep students on the path to success. Please consider a gift to help UWM’s students in crisis
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Our Campaign Priorities:

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    Student Success

    THIS IS WHY: The College of Nursing has graduated more than 8,000 students since it began in 1965, and 70 percent of our graduates stay in Wisconsin. Scholarships for undergraduates are the lifeblood of our college because they support the university’s dual mission of access and research. Graduate scholarships, or fellowships, provide stipends for students pursuing research projects and serve as effective recruiting tools to entice students to our programs.

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    Research Excellence

    THIS IS WHY: Endowed chairs and professorships are among the highest honors an institution can bestow, and they are essential to attracting and retaining outstanding faculty. Support for research at the College of Nursing propels our advancements in geriatric health care, self-management, and community-engaged health, including healthy pregnancy, birth, and infant outcomes; chronic disease prevention and managements; and environmental health.

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    Community Engagement

    THIS IS WHY: Our community nursing centers have more than 100,000 encounters with clients each year have become a vital resource that Milwaukee residents rely on to stay healthy. Through our Center for Global Health Equity, our researchers address social, economic, and political determinants of health on a global level in East Africa, Southern Africa, and Southeast Asia. Closer to home, our Westlawn Partnership for a Healthier Environment identifies environmental health risks in the Westlawn community and implements solutions to reduce those risks.

Receiving my scholarship award letter put the biggest smile on my face! The Ontscherenki Scholarship helped me work less, so I could really focus on getting my degree.

Blessing Lee ’13, ’16

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