Aging Successfully Series- Arnold Heling: Living with Purpose

Arnold Heling

Arnold Heling tries on his old fire hat. Heling spent over 50 years working with the fire departments in both Milwaukee and Greendale.

Our third story focuses on the importance of maintaining purpose as we age.

According to a meta-analysis called “Creating and Maintaining Purpose in Life in Old Age,” author Martin Pinquart claims, “Purpose in life is a defining feature of mental health.

“In old age, maintaining high levels of purpose in life may become more difficult, due to increasing losses (e.g., widowhood, retirement, etc.).”

Arnold Heling is an 80 year old retired firefighter living with a great amount of purpose.

In Heling’s 40 years of firefighting, he has undoubtedly had a positive impact on countless lives.

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This is the third installment in our Aging Successfully Series, a series of stories designed to provide a glimpse into the lives of older adults who are aging successfully. Each story will focus on a different topic of well-being and show how these individuals are excelling in each.

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