Final Budget Model Proposal – March 2016

Guiding Principles for a New UWM Budget Model

The new budget model must be inclusive, predictable, enduring, and responsive to evolving needs.

A New Campus Budget Model

Our university’s budget model is more than a decade old. What worked at a time when UWM was experiencing record enrollment growth and very few new building projects will not work now as enrollment stabilizes and many building projects are under way and are nearing completion.

The new budget model should integrate the University’s strategic plan with budget planning

  • The model must allocate resources in a manner that supports the University’s core mission and vision
  • The budget model must stimulate strategic growth and innovation
  • The model must encourage entrepreneurship and inter-disciplinarily

The new budget model should align accountability with desired behavior

  • The model must foster accountability
  • The model must encourage the streamlining of operations, the elimination of duplication, the creation of efficiencies and the review of all campus units to ensure they are meeting desired outcomes aligned with Strategic goals
  • The model must promote stakeholder decision-making based on valid data that is transparent, timely and accessible for all
  • The model must align authority with responsibility
  • The model must be transparent
  • The model must promote shared responsibility for shared functions

The process for developing and implementing a new budget model

  • Must be transparent and collaborative
  • Must be incremental and allow the university to manage the change
  • Should be done with an understanding of the common good of the university
  • Must be inclusive of all stakeholders