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Allen Dulles says it is hard to protect a country…


Allen Dulles says it is hard to protect a country if they don’t want to work with us. He cites Cuba as an example. In the case of Venezuela, however, the US worked with the OAS to bolster the country against Communists from Cuba.

Series: Daily News
Date: April 19, 1964
Film Segment: 1
Film Reel: 1964.6
Soundtrack: Optical
B/W or Color: B/W
Condition: Scratches - slight discoloration - good.
Citation: [ CREATE A BRIEF TITLE BASED ON SUMMARY PROVIDED ], April 19, 1964, Daily News, Milwaukee Journal Stations Records, Milwaukee Mss Collection 203, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries, Archives Department.
Rights: Copyright © WTMJ-TV.