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Patrick Lucey Part 4 B-Roll


Melodie Wilson is reporting on the American prisoner population in Mexico, one of the issues facing Ambassador Patrick Lucey. Yet, because the Mexican government did not allow the American press to enter their prisons or jails, Wilson traveled to Bogota, Bolivia to interview four Americans prisoners at La Modelo. Speaking from a garden inside the grounds, they speak of severe punishment and justice not like that in the United States. Footage shows prison cells, pharmacy, broken plumbing and guards. Wilson’s segment highlights the congressional prisoner transfer treaty with Mexico. Her visit coincides with congressional legislation on the 1977 prisoner transfer treaty under the Carter administration. Lucey served as Ambassador to Mexico from July 19, 1977 to October 31, 1979.

Series: Special Assignment
Date: Undated
Reporter: Melodie Wilson
Film Segment: 9
Film Reel: SR155
Duration: 00:02:56
Soundtrack: Magnetic
B/W or Color: Color
Positive/Negative: Positive
Condition: Good
Citation: [ CREATE A BRIEF TITLE BASED ON SUMMARY PROVIDED ], undated, Special Assignment, Milwaukee Journal Stations Records, Milwaukee Mss Collection 203, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries, Archives Department.
Rights: Copyright © WTMJ-TV