Meet Our Tutors

All tutors are trained to converse with writers regardless of the subject or task. To select a specific tutor, however, this list of tutors’ self-declared academic majors, experience and interests may help you decide.

Andrew K.
English, Literary Theory, Film Theory, Criticism, Online Library Research, Resume/CVs, Personal Statements, Grant Writing, Dissertations, Conference Proposals and Presentations, MLA.

Bailey F.
English, Literary Theory, Women’s and Gender Studies, MLA, APA.

Bob B.
English, Literary Analysis/Theory, Professional Writing, Application Essays, Personal Statements, Cover Letters, MLA, APA.

Charles P.
Philosophy, ESL, Chicago Style.

Emma C.
English (Literature and Theory, Creative Writing), Secondary English Education, Personal Statements, Resumes, Cover Letters, MLA.

Erich W.
English, Creative Writing (Fiction), Literary Analysis & Criticism, Scripts, Journalism, Communication, Newsletters, Cover Letters, Resumes, CVs, MLA.

Jenni M.
English, Creative Writing/Fiction, MLA.

Jeremy C.
English, Literary Theory, Archival and Digital Research, Website Composing, Conference Proposals & Presentations, Application Essays, Personal Statements, C.Vs., Cover Letters, MLA, Chicago Style.

Jessica J.
English, Film/Media Studies, Literature/Criticism, Fiction, Online Research, Personal Statements, Resumes/CVs, Screenwriting, MLA.

Jonathan B.
History, Ethnic Studies, Anthropology, Archival and Electronic Research, Fiction, Screen and Stage plays, Resumes, MLA, Chicago Style.

Jonathan D.
Communication, ESL, Grant Writing, Sciences (Bioscience, Public Health, Aviation), Creative Fiction, Dissertations, APA.

Joni H.
English, Literary Analysis and Criticism, Film Theory, Art, Business Writing, Research Methodologies (Humanities), Artist Statements, MLA, Chicago Style.

Kacee M.
English, Literary/Cultural Theory, Research, Resumes, MLA, Chicago Style, AP.

Molly U.
Rhetoric and Composition, English Education, Feminist/Queer/Gender Studies, Social Justice, Personal Statements, Cover Letters, MLA.

Shannon B.
English, Secondary Education, Rhetoric & Composition, Philosophy, History, Personal Statements, Applications, MLA, APA, Chicago Style.

Thad F.
English, Literary Studies, Research (Historical, Archival), Business/Technical Writing, Resumes, CVs, ESL, Graduate Level Writing (Theses), MLA, Chicago Style, APA.

Toni J.
History, Urban Studies, Political Science, Critical Theory, Educational Policy, Research, Business Writing, Cover Letters, Resumes, Chicago Style.

Will D.
History, Religious Studies, Politics, Social Science, Creative Writing, MLA, APA.