UWM Web Identity Theme

What is Web Identity?

The UWM Web Identity is a campus-wide initiative to provide more consistent user-experience and branding across UWM websites.

Consistent User-Interface  =  Quality User-Experience
Consistent presentation of key user-interface components, such as navigation and site search, decreases confusion and the likelihood of site visitors having to reorientate themselves as they move from one UWM website to the next by establishing reliable patterns.

umbrellaConsistent Branding
The Web Identity serves as an overarching brand umbrella for UWM websites, while still allowing for some degree of design and functionality autonomy to accommodate the diverse needs of our campus units.

Usage Requirements

Required for:
Schools, colleges, administrative units and academic centers.

Recommended but not required for:
Research labs and other university-sponsored initiatives, programs and collaborations.

WordPress Theme

The UWM Web Identity WordPress Theme allows you to easily implement Web Identity for your web project. Key features of the WordPress theme include:


The UWM Web Identity WordPress Theme allows for customizations primarily within the content area. Particular elements of the header, navigation bar and footer are not customizable.

UWM Web Identity Theme Usage GuidelinesEnlarge

Header & Footer – Not Allowed Customizations

Changes to size, location/position, style/appearance, behavior or visibility of the following are not allowed:

  • UWM logo (header)
  • UWM “Powerful Ideas…” tagline (header, footer)
  • Website logotype/title (header, footer)
  • Gold header background color and wave graphic (header)
  • Black main navigation bar (header)
  • Magnifying glass icon (header)
  • Triple bar icon (header)
  • Menu items (header, footer)
  • Social media icons (footer)
  • Contents of UWM drawer menu
  • Gray background color of footer

Header & Footer – Allowed Customizations

You are able to specify the following items for your website:

These items are shown in pink boxes in the example graphic.

Content Area Customizations

While the content area (represented by the green box in the example graphic) is open to page layout and design customizations, you’ll want to keep in mind the following guidelines in order to stay in alignment with university brand standards.

  • Use a predominantly white background color
  • Use university fonts
  • Use university colors

More information on branding is available at uwm.edu/branding


If you are not sure whether what you’d like to do aligns with these guidelines, or if you have additional questions or feedback, please contact us using the WordPress support request form.