Katherine Maloy

Katherine Maloy
wmncntr@uwm.eduUWM Student Union EG37
Office Manager
Women's Resource Center

Hello, I'm Katherine! I use she/her and xe/xem/xyr pronouns; an example of xe/xem/xyr pronouns in use would be 'I went with xem to the park, xe drove us there in xyr car'. I'm a senior here at UWM, majoring in sociology and women and gender studies. At the women's resource center, I'm the Office Manager.

I enjoy reading and writing, primarily fantasy, and I like a variety of other nerdy stuff as well. I have a lovely brown tabby cat named Trig, who likes sitting with me while I work. The picture is of the dress I wore to the Renaissance faire this last summer, which was a blast.

I hope you find the time to come check out our center and some events we run, and I look forward to meeting anyone who comes by!