Gender Inclusive Restrooms

Women’s & Gender Studies is thankful to UWM’s LGBTQ+ Resource Center for providing information about the location of all Gender Inclusive Restrooms on campus.  WGS has condensed this information into a printed list of room numbers in what buildings are Gender Inclusive Restrooms.  If you have difficulty locating any of the rooms, there is a binder with floor plans and each Gender Inclusive Restroom highlighted available for reference in Curtin Hall, room 535.

You can view or print a copy of the list Gender Inclusive Restrooms 2019 11 13, or pick one up in the WGS literature bin or office (Curtin Hall, room 535), or email to and have one sent to you.

For reference, the closest Gender Inclusive Restroom to Curtin Hall, room 535 is in Vogel Hall, room 125C.