Qoya: My Body, My Right

Qoya: My Body, My Right

Virtual Event
Tuesday, April 20th
1:00pm – 2:30pm CST

What would a world without rape and sexual assault look like? What would a healthy relationship with sex and consent feel like in your body? What would it feel like if the trauma caused by rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, misogyny, and sexual discrimination were dismantled? What if we instead cultivated spaces for body positivity and healthy communication around consent? Together, let’s reclaim and heal a society overwhelmed by toxic images and representations of sex… one body at a time.

I invite you to dance your relationship with My Body, My Right.

This class is open to all genders.
To register please email victimadvocacy@uwm.edu

Explanation of Qoya:

What is Qoya?
Qoya is movement as medicine. It is based on this simple idea: through movement, we remember.
We remember, that our physical essence is Wise, Wild, and Free.
Wise Wild and Free also draw reference to the movement forms practiced in a Qoya class.
Wise: inspired by the wisdom of yoga
Wild: reclaiming your true nature through the creative expression in dance
Free: the freedom to feel pleasure in the body through feminine movement

In Qoya, you dance and feel free, connect with yourself AND with all of the other beings in this safe space! There is no other experience like it! There are no special skills required, just the desire to move, and feel good! We move and stretch the entire body, listen to great music, and seek what feels authentic and honest in the movement!

It is a way of living in your fullest expression of who you are. It is a way to tap into yourself and to remember and honor your wholeness.

Qoya is an access tool, a map to help you come home to your body, where truth is available at all times.
Welcome to Qoya.

Instructor Bio – Jessica Durivage

With over two decades in the wellness, yoga, and healing communities, Jessica brings a wholistic approach to her work – utilizing extensive experience in leadership, management, team building, creating authentic virtual environments, nurturing online communities, space holding, and wellness/social justice to re-imagine new landscapes of how we grow, work, play, and create together.

Jessica credits her passion for wellness to her humble beginnings as a massage therapist and yoga teacher, learning about energy, connection, and healing. She was the Regional Director for Marriott Spas in the southeast. Her spas and teams earned accolades across the nation for guest satisfaction and spa experience. Jessica hosted a weekly podcast, Where is My Guru about taking personal accountability for your spirituality and healing from 2009 – 2017 with millions of listeners across the globe. As an entrepreneur, she

 ran an online school and produced classes with acclaimed teachers from around the world about spirituality and wellness for thousands of students. Jessica has been in the digital space for over 15 years as a leader and guide supporting teachers, healers, change-makers, and entrepreneurs to offer their gifts to the world.

Jessica is a Rest Facilitator (yoga nidra) and Qoya Teacher (somatic movement). She facilitates wellness and professional development programs with a focus on healing and social justice and community care. She is passionate about cooking, slow living, throwing elaborate tea parties, and exploring ritual and ceremony. Jessica is based in South Carolina with her husband, Carl, son, Ellis (7) and dog Evee. They are currently renovating a vintage 1984 Airstream Excella and love creating adventures and making memories.