Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse

AODA Evaluation and Treatment Services

Counseling Services, located in the Northwest Quadrant, provides personal counseling, including confidential alcohol and other drug assessment, brief counseling, crisis counseling and referral assistance. Call 414-229-7429 to schedule an appointment.  For more information visit

Additional On-Campus Programs and Related Links

Make Good Decisions (MGD)
Conceptualized by UWM students for UWM students, the Make Good Decisions campaign aims to provide students with the information and tools that they need to avoid the negative consequences of substance use and to foster a community where students look out for one another and act responsibly to prevent alcohol and other drug-related problems for themselves and their peers.

UWM’s Brief Alcohol & Other Drug Screening & Intervention Programs (BASICS)
UWM’s Brief Alcohol & Other Drug Screening & Intervention Programs offer students the opportunity to examine their use of and experiences with alcohol and/or other drugs in a nonjudgmental and confidential setting. Offered by the Student Health and Wellness Center Office of Health Promotion & Wellness, the goal is to help students make substance use decisions that result in fewer negative consequences. Find more information on BASICS I and BASICS II at

eCheck Up to Go
This anonymous online alcohol assessment provides users with personalized feedback regarding their individual drinking patterns, experiences, and risk factors. Visit