Allergy Immunotherapy Injections

The Student Health and Wellness Center can continue to administer allergy injections that have been ordered for you through your personal physician. The Student Health Center DOES NOT perform allergy testing or determine what serums are appropriate for you.

To begin treatment here, you will need to have your allergy records sent to the Student Health and Wellness Center. Once your records are received, you will schedule an allergy consult appointment with one of our medical staff. Upon review of your records and history the medical provider will determine if it is appropriate for you to receive injections on campus. A required information form needs to be completed by your allergist. Please have them fill out and fax back to our clinic at (414)229-4161. Allergy Form. Orders will need to be updated annually. After each injection you are required to wait at the clinic 30 minutes for observation.

Each injection costs $10.00. We do not accept outside health insurance. Students are responsible for payment at the time of service. We accept VISA, MasterCard, or check. WE NO LONGER ACCEPT CASH.

Your allergy serum vials can be stored at the Student Health and Wellness Center. They can be shipped from your allergist or carried in by the patient, if the allergist allows.