SHAW RNC 2024 Information
During the Republican National Convention being held in Milwaukee July 15-19, SHAW services will be available to students through virtual and limited in-person appointments. Online scheduling will not be available during this time, so please call 414-229-7429 to schedule. Read more...

While most college students are not at the point of being addicted to alcohol or other drugs, some may still display behaviors that cause those close to them to worry about their substance use.

Behaviors of concern may include:

  • Continued use despite repeatedly experiencing problems as a result, such as fights or arguments with family or friends; interference with school, work, and other important responsibilities; or taking risks or getting seriously injured while under the influence
  • Tendency to avoid events where substances will not be readily available, or to “pre-game,” or consume quantities of alcohol or other drugs, before attending these events
  • Increased tolerance and difficulty cutting down or controlling level of use

If you are worried about a friend’s substance use, express your observations and concerns in an open and nonjudgmental manner (find some tips here!) and offer to help your friend connect with available resources.