Peer Education

Peer Health Education

About the Peer Health Educator Program:

Peer Health Educators are students that are trained and supervised by Health Promotion & Advocacy staff to provide programs and events on sexual health, healthy relationships, alcohol and other drugs, stress management, fitness and nutrition, and more! Peer Health Educators develop and facilitate educational programs and materials aimed at sensitizing members of the diverse UWM student body on important student development, personal wellness, and health-related topics, which contribute to a healthy and socially just living-learning environment across the campus community.

Peer-to-peer health education is an important way in which we engage students in dialogue on health and well-being issues that are important on campus. Peer Health Educators at UW-Milwaukee have a unique and powerful relationship with fellow students, which can be employed to promote self-awareness and wellness behaviors, healthy choices and decision making, healthy living-learning environments, and modeling appropriate attitudes and behaviors on a variety of health issues.

Services We Offer:

Peer Health Educators facilitate workshops, presentations, games and activities, and tabling events. We provide services for Residence Halls, classes, Student Health and Wellness Center programs, community sites, orientations, and other campus organizations, offices, and events.

We offer information and referrals on health risks through the Student Health and Wellness Center website, campus bulletin boards, audio and visual materials, and information booths.

Topics We Cover:

  • Sexual Health
  • Mental and Emotional Health
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Nutrition, Movement and Body Image
  • Healthy Relationships and Violence Prevention
  • Infectious Disease

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Contact Us:

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