UWM’s campus events calendar (uwm.edu/events) provides a centralized, categorized, searchable view of campus-wide events, as well as events taking place within UWM’s schools/colleges and other organizational units. The primary audience is UWM students, but the calendar also contains events of interest to prospective students, faculty/staff and the general public.

The UWM’s campus events calendar works by pulling in events from many predefined areas of the UWM.edu website and presenting them together in a single list. Interested individuals are invited to learn more about how UWM’s campus events calendar works below.

If you represent a UWM school/college or administrative unit and wish to publish your events to the campus events calendar, please register as an event contributor.

If you are a registered event contributor looking for guidance on how to set up your events to publish to the campus events calendar, please consult the event contributor guide.

How it works

This content is intended for event contributors and other interested individuals who desire detailed technical information about how the campus events calendar works.

This information assumes you are using the events calendar plugin to publish your events on a UWM WordPress site at UWM.edu.


UWM’s campus events calendar serves as an aggregator and re-publisher of UWM events. Campus units may request inclusion in the campus events calendar by submitting an event contributor registration request. A member of  the Marketing & Communications web team will review your request. Upon request approval, you will be contacted and provided information on how to prepare your events for inclusion in the campus events calendar (note: this information is available in the event contributor guide). A member of the Marketing & Communications web team will then enable a UWM campus events calendar, which will make the UWM campus event categories available for selection within your UWM.edu WordPress site. You will then be asked to go through your upcoming events and ensure all required information is included and all recommended information is strongly considered. At this time, you will also need to select at least one UWM campus event category for each event you wish to see included in the campus events calendar. After your events are updated, you will report back to the Marketing & Communications web team member you are working with to confirm. After your confirmation, your events will be reviewed to ensure everything is ready for inclusion in the campus events calendar.

Setup and Event Importing

After a review is complete, the website address (URL) corresponding to the iCalendar feed for your events calendar will be entered into the campus events calendar database. After entry into the database, your event content will be imported (copied) into the campus events calendar during the next run of the regularly scheduled aggregation process. This process runs about every 90 minutes, so if you add new events or change existing events, you will see your changes reflected on the campus events calendar a maximum of 90 minutes after you make and publish (save) your changes on your UWM WordPress site.

Technical Details

The campus events calendar front-end website at uwm.edu/events is built on WordPress and uses the WordPress API to retrieve event content from the campus events calendar API. The campus Events calendar API in turn retrieves its content from a cached copy of your event data that is stored in the JSON format. The JSON cache file is rebuilt on a regular basis, based on event data that resides within the campus events calendar MySQL compatible database. The layer of JSON caching allows the campus events calendar to continue to operate even when event content is being flushed and re-imported into the campus events calendar database from event contributor sources (i.e. iCalendar feeds). The campus events calendar API allows event content to be pulled into other locations (e.g. websites or mobile apps) based on filtering criteria such as date, category, audience, or keyword.

The campus events calendar at uwm.edu/events and all contributing calendars on UWM.edu are build on the WordPress platform, hosted on Amazon Web Services.