Wisconsin Child Welfare Professional Development System

Strengths-Based Feedback: A Method for Delivering Effective Performance Evaluations

Strengths-based feedback is a well-regarded method for delivering feedback that leaves employees feeling confident and competent. This half-day training will help supervisors become more effective at giving quality feedback to employees. Research on best practices in performance feedback will be discussed and critiqued. A strengths-based framework will be outlined and practiced. The ultimate intention is that this training will help supervisors give quality, consistent feedback that leaves employees more knowledgeable about their role and more confident in their ability to do their job well. This training would be especially useful for those that work with new workers that are still learning how to fulfill their child protective services and child welfare responsibilities.

Target Audience: Supervisors

Explain why a strengths-based model for giving feedback is effective
Model best practices in feedback research
Demonstrate use of the strengths-based framework for giving feedback

Workshop Worksheet
Supervisor Guidebook